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'EL GUEY': Indie Film Puts Modern Twist on Mexican Folklore        (The Huffington Post)

By:  The Huffington Post   July 13, 2012


Finding inspiration in myths like the Chupacabra and La Llorona, an upcoming independent film brings Latin American folklore into a modern day context.

By: IMDB   2014


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'Superhero  Luchador' 

‘EL GÜEY’: Un Superhéroe como no habías visto   (Univision 41 San Antonio)

By: Univision 41 San Antonio


La Llorona + El Chupacabra + Pachuco Luchador=‘El Güey’


Mexican myths morph into Austin-made movie           (Austin YNN - Your News Now)

By:  Victor Diaz   July 9, 2012

The Travis County courthouse has likely never seen a case like the scene that plays out in "El Güey." The upcoming Austin-made movie puts a modern twist on Mexican folklore with characters that include Chupacabra, La Llorona and a Tex-Mex luchador who's laying down the law. 

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