El Güey is a LATINO SUPERHERO who moonlights as a supernatural bounty hunter. After doing what he feels is morally correct, a renegade warrior decides to take on jobs that made him to be the man he is. 


With a modern twist on Mexican folktales El Güey pays homage to the culture of Lucha Libre through the tale of a Mexican-American Luchador "El Güey" "The Dude" who helps a woman named Lilith Manes.  The media labels Lilith a modern day embodiment of the Mexican myth, La Llorona, "The Weeping Woman".  As she contests her innocence after being put on trial claiming, El Chupacabra, is the killer of her children she hires El Güey who moonlights as a supernatural bounty hunter, to bring the half man, half beast shapeshifter to justice but will El Güey be able to vindicate Manes or will the case hang in the balance of truth, lies, legends and myths?



At EL GÜEY LLC we’re passionate about making EL GÜEY into a world wide movie franchise that allows you, the world, to help in creating and believing in the first ever mainstream Mexican-American Supernatural Hero Luchador and it’s all thanks to the support and feedback from fans like you!  


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"What George Lucas did to Star Wars & Stan Lee did to Spiderman...is what we want to do to EL GÜEY!"


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